Sunday, June 12, 2005

How Do I Know If My Pearls Are Real?

There area number of tests you can do to help determine if your pearls are real. First, if you take one of the pearls and rub it gently against the biting edge of your front teeth and feel a gritty feeling, the pearl is probably real. Second, if possible, find a pearl that you can see into the drill hole (on a necklace or bracelet, look for a where the knot between the pearls is more stretched). Look into the drill hole. If you can make out a nucleus, chances are it is a cultured, real pearl. As a third test, you can examine the luster of the pearl. The surface of a real pearl has a deep luster that comes from within the pearl. This can usually be easily differentiated from a ceramic or glass pearl that only has a surface shine.

Of course, none of these tests will give you an absolute answer as some of these can be faked to a certain degree. The best way to confirm your pearls are authentic is to have them evaluated by a pearl expert - ideally a person who is GIA certified in pearls.